For Pellegrini, quality is a starting point

This has always been our conviction. While for many others, quality is a hard-won goal, for us it is merely a starting point.
It is the distinctive element of all of the Services we provide.
We confirm this starting point every day, putting our skills to the test with the demands of our customers and the market, and pushing our performance levels ever higher.

Pellegrini SpA, as a whole and individually for each division, holds not only the most prevalent certifications, but also many industry-specific certifications. This is evidence of our relentless pursuit of quality that knows no boundaries or barriers.

ESG Certifications

System Certifications

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System: with the aim of ensuring consistency in the quality of the products/services we provide and to increase the satisfaction of our Customers.

Quality Policy

Environment and Safety Policy

ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management System: to more efficiently and systematically manage the issues and opportunities in the environmental field.

Environmental Policy

UNI 10854:1999 – Hygiene self-monitoring management system (HACCP)

SA 8000:2014 – Social Accountability System: international standard designed to certify certain aspects of business management with regard to social responsibility.

Politica SA8000 IT Politica SA8000 ENPolitica SA8000 FR
Politica SA8000 ESPolitica SA8000 RO Politica SA8000 AR
Estratto Bilancio sociale Pellegrini 2023

UNI EN ISO 22000:2018 – Food safety management system.

Catering Food Safety Policy
Central Food Safety Policy

Occupational health and safety management system

Central Food Safety Policy
Cleaning and Integrated Services Policy

Security Policy

Estratto Security Policy

Product Certifications

IFS – International Food Standard: in order to guarantee Customers the supply of safe products that comply with contractual specifications and legal requirements.

Organic Regulation (EC) 834/2007 and Regulation (EC) 889/08 : to ensure that our food products contain at least 95% organic ingredients.

Marine Stewardship Council, MSC for short, is a non-profit organisation that promotes best practices through its certification programme for sustainable fishing that is respectful of marine habitats and ecosystems. The presence of the Blu MSC brand ensures that the products come from sustainable and certified fisheries that comply with rigorous standards.

UNI EN ISO 22005:2008 – Traceability system in  agricultural food chain – internal supply chain

The DTP 108 is a standard owned by CSQA that defines the requirements for “Gluten Free” certification.

Service Certifications

DTS013 – Top Quality Sistem – TQS Vending: Specific standard for vending machines aimed at ensuring food safety and labelling of distributed products in relation to current regulations.

UNI EN 16636-2015 PEST MANAGEMENT – pest management and control services. Requirements and skills


La norma UNI 11584 “Servizi di ristorazione collettiva – Requisiti minimi per la progettazione di menu” esplicita i requisiti fondamentali da rispettare in fase di progettazione menu della ristorazione collettiva, sia pubblica che privata.