Letter from the Chairman

Dear friends,

Pellegrini, which has celebrated 55 years in business in 2020, is a company whose motivation for continuity lies in its development. Today the company has about 10,000 employees, five service delivery segments and an extraordinary commitment to innovation, however its soul remains the same as back in 1965, when I founded it with many hopes and dreams, and the same enthusiasm that I have today.

Since then, I can proudly say that Pellegrini has been a pioneer in innovation in this market, not just in theory but also in practice, not just in words but with tangible solutions and achievements, which have made the company a point of reference for the sector.

Therefore, just like in 1965 when we offered Italian companies in a country that was rapidly expanding the possibility of efficiently and effectively solving a decisive issue such as that of corporate catering, we continue to offer innovative solutions to the problems and questions put forward by our customers, the market, and even society. These questions range from corporate welfare issues and sustainability in production processes, to healthy eating and increased investment in research and development of new solutions.

Pellegrini is formed by its employees and the company grows with them, thanks to them. We choose our employees carefully, we scrupulously train them, and they repay us with a quality of work that in turn provides a guarantee of quality to our customers. Their commitment, and therefore our commitment, is a collective value that we put at the service of our customers.

In particular, for Pellegrini sustainability has become a guiding light that informs all of our choices. It’s not just about protecting the environment during the production processes – which is undoubtedly important – but also about ensuring economic sustainability for all our stakeholders and social sustainability.

With reference to the last point, Pellegrini is committed to providing strong support to the Ernesto Pellegrini ONLUS Foundation, which was established by my family to offer help to many who are experiencing difficulty. This choice is part of our development to ensure our continuity.

Development, because it shows that Pellegrini looks beyond our main field of interest.

Continuity because, after all, “looking beyond” is what we have always done.

Because we are Pellegrini.

The Chairman

Ernesto Pellegrini



Ernesto Pellegrini founded the company in 1965.
In 1979, he founded Pellegrini Catering Overseas.
In 1980 he published La mensa, the first book to address the issues in the sector.
In 1990 he was appointed Cavaliere del Lavoro (knight of Labour).
From 1984 to 1995 he was President of F.C. Internazionale Milano.
In 2013, he established the Fondazione Ernesto Pellegrini ONLUS.
In 2014, through the Foundation, he opened the solidarity restaurant, Ruben.
In 2014, he received the Ambrogino d’Oro by the Mayor of Milan Giuliano Pisapia.
In 2015, the company celebrated 50 years in business

Ernesto Pellegrini is married to Ivana and has a daughter, Valentina, who was appointed Vice Chairman of Pellegrini in 2014.