Welfare Solutions

Since 1985, our mission has been very clear, putting the values of ethics and sustainability first: working every day so that everyone – our Customers, Users, and Merchants – can choose, use and accept vouchers with complete peace of mind.

Today, we offer a complete, leading-edge range of products and services: Paper Meal Vouchers, Electronic Meal Vouchers and the best solutions in the world of Corporate Welfare.

To find out more, visit the website www.pellegrinicard.it and www.welfarepellegrini.it

Safety and innovation
in Pellegrini
paper meal vouchers

The Pellegrini Paper Meal Vouchers combine technology (anti-counterfeiting matrix, laser microperforations, barcode) with unique solutions (sealed envelope instead of a book) to offer customers, users and merchants maximum security and efficiency.

Bank Pos devices
accept Pellegrini
electronic meal vouchers

With the Electronic Meal Voucher, Pellegrini Card provides customers and users with greater tax savings as well as improved efficiency and convenience. For merchants, there is the unique comfort of not having to install an additional POS, as they can use the POS device already supplied by the bank. For customers and users, it offers unrivalled marketability.

A widespread network
as a guarantee of marketability

The Pellegrini Card Network is widespread throughout Italy and is constantly expanding according to the needs and demands of its users. Transparency, fairness and security – the cornerstones on which Pellegrini has built its relations with merchants – constitute the guarantee of marketability that we offer our users.

Opening up towards corporate welfare

Pellegrini offers new perspectives for the management of corporate welfare, not only in relation to flexible benefits but also by developing customised and innovative solutions.


Thanks to the features of the APP, users can easily and securely manage their Vouchers, find the nearest locations and affiliated members in the area, and flag those who would like to join the Pellegrini Card Network.