Guided tours

The child’s view of the platform

We want to show you Central Food, as seen through the eyes of even the youngest of visitors.

Every year we open the doors of our platform to students from all over Italy to give them an insight into the work that goes into making their lunch.
For us, the visit is the culmination of a structured nutritional education programme that we develop with the support of expert nutritionists and educators for schools where we manage the food service.

The Central Food platform is also open to students from all over Europe, who can take guided tours of the facility.
Each year we welcome many visitors to the facility.

It is always an extraordinary experience, watching their attentive faces and their curious eyes, listening to their relevant, intelligent questions, and trying to give answers that are both comprehensive and comprehensible – without too much “technical” detail, but no less precise.

Here are some of the drawings that primary school children made as a culmination of their experience and which they kindly donated to us.

The enthusiasm that their creativity reveals is yet another reason to feel proud of the work we do.