You might not expect it, but Pellegrini’s services go well beyond the world of good food and efficient catering. Since 1996, Pellegrini’s Cleaning Service and Integrated Services successfully operates in large industrial and private companies, hotels, medical institutions and businesses, in complex contexts and manufacturing processes, and in particularly delicate situations.

Relying on Pellegrini means ensuring an accurate and efficient service that is able to handle everyday situations and emergencies with the same proven professionalism. Quality without compromise is our motto. We provide peace of mind and attention to detail.

Efficient and
friendly products
and equipment

Pellegrini provides the latest machinery and equipment for its cleaning services, which ensure highly efficient production and energy efficiency. The products used are environmentally friendly and, for the most part bear the Ecolabel mark, the European Union’s guarantee of environmental quality.

Qualified and motivated

Our staff are qualified and regularly trained on procedures and safety, correctly organised and therefore particularly motivated. In collaboration with the management team and service supervisors with proven track records, they offer the best service in a timely manner and using the most appropriate methods.

A reliable and flexible service

Pellegrini guarantees a reliable service through its streamlined organisation consisting exclusively of company employees. This means that, for any requirements, you can always count on our prompt "responsiveness", i.e. providing ready answers and instant solutions. We ensure flexibility that evolves with you over time, often anticipating your needs, dimensions and projects.

Sustainable approach

Even in a segment such as Cleaning, Pellegrini adopts a sustainable approach, in line with our overall philosophy.
We study intervention methods and processes with a low environmental impact to provide our customers with economy and ecology on the same level as quality.

Full Service

Pellegrini will assist you with all of your needs, at all levels:

  • Cleaning of work environments and large industrial plants.
  • Cleaning and sanitising services for large hospitals.
  • Logistics for pharmaceutical and healthcare products.
  • Concierge services: reception, access control and switchboard.
  • Green area management.
  • Rodent control, cockroach control, disinfestation.
  • Small-scale maintenance.
  • Laundry services.
  • Care for the elderly with support staff.
  • Assistance to children in schools.
  • Porterage and internal relocation.
  • Postal service and internal deliveries.