Pellegrini’s catering service was established in 1965 and today it serves 40 million meals a year in more than 600 service areas in companies, religious communities, health facilities, schools, and the Valentina restaurants, open to the public.

Our motto, TI ristoriAMO (literally “we feed you”) means offering healthy, tasty and wholesome meals served by trained and courteous people, to meet the needs and demands of our customers and users.

We rely on experienced chefs whose skills are constantly updated, and you can count on a Nutritional Service to support you and a Technical Service to help you design and create your ideal restaurant.

These are the reasons for our growing success.
These are the reasons why many of our customers have placed their trust in us for more than 40 years.

Quality of
raw materials

The quality of the Pellegrini Catering Service is based on the quality of the raw materials that we select rigorously and submit to thorough checks by highly specialised personnel in our  Central Food platform, the heart and core of Pellegrini Catering.

To best meet your catering needs, we have designed and produced a full range of products under the brand Sceltissimi, which are praised every day by our chefs and appreciated by our guests.


Through a training programme that is unique in Italy, designed in collaboration with an authoritative scientific partner, Art joins Nutrition Academy, our chefs have developed a set of Wellness Recipes that focus on wellness built on a sound scientific basis.

Because our focus is on the 200,000 guests that each day consume their main meal in our restaurants.


Our solid reputation allows us to attract the best chefs and our continuous training programme, developed with the support of the Pellegrini Academy, constantly helps them to update their skills.
But that’s not all: the Academy is also a research centre where nutritionists, chefs and catering experts collaborate to offer innovative solutions that anticipate market trends.

More that just

We are committed to raising nutritional awareness among our guests of all ages. We cooperate in a number of scientific research projects promoted by the Local Health Authority ASL-SIAN on the issues of nutrition, and we participate as speakers at conferences and meetings organised by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Italian National Health Institute (ISS).
To spread the food culture also among diners, we have created a dedicated website for company restaurants, providing nutritional information and tips for the menu of the day; an entertaining and informative television channel; training programs and nutritional information for schools in collaboration with the Italian Foundation for Food Education; and focus on the demands and tastes of customers and social-healthcare structures. All this, in addition to the quality we provide, constitutes the attention that Pellegrini offers you on a daily basis.

Our achievements

Here is a gallery of some of the dining spaces created by the architects and engineers in our Technical Department.

Our meat processing

We select, process and package the meat that is served in our restaurants on a daily basis and we brand it with the name Gran Taglio, our seal of quality for fresh meat. This allows us to ensure that we provide you with the quality you are looking for and expect for your guests.