Ethics and sustainability

Ethics and sustainability are an essential combination for a responsible company that seeks to achieve efficiency and profitability, personal wellbeing, and sustainable growth: a global commitment.

The adoption of the Organisation, management and control model as per the Italian Legislative Decree no. 231 of 2001, implemented in 2002, is above all an act of corporate social responsibility, which produces benefits for a host of different people: shareholders, managers, employees, creditors and all those whose interests lie in company. We have also adopted a management system for reports, even anonymous ones, to guarantee they are received, analysed and processed.

Furthermore, while it is true that we all have responsibility for the world around us, Pellegrini believes that companies should do more.

In line with this belief, we have adopted a sustainable approach in all areas of our business, including Catering, Food Supply and Management, Meal Vouchers, Welfare, Cleaning Services and Vending Machines.


Our approach can be summarised as follows:

Economic sustainability. Economic sustainability is accomplished through a balanced economic relationship between us, our customers and our suppliers, with the aim of ensuring the satisfaction of everyone involved.

In concrete terms Pellegrini adopts a policy of transparency in its relationships marked by a spirit of collaboration with its suppliers and affiliated merchants and is always active and ready to listen and negotiate with its customers.

Social sustainability. It is about putting People at the centre of our focus, in other words our employees and their rights, our customers and their expectations and, in general, all those who come into contact with the Company and its various business activities.

More specifically, in the social field, Pellegrini has been committed for a while now to working with associations such as the Food Bank and Siticibo. The company is the Corporate Golden Donor of the FAI (Italian Environmental Fund) and a Benefactor of the Italian Foundation for Food Education. The company supports the Ernesto Pellegrini ONLUS Foundation and its commitment to the new forms of poverty and temporary emergencies. Adheres to Sodalitas Foundation of Assolombarda. The company is also engaged in the selection of suppliers that respect ethical and quality principles and to ensure responsible practices for the well-being of animals.

Environmental sustainability. It means rethinking and sometimes radically restructuring production processes to save resources, energy and minimise consumption, waste and emissions.

All Pellegrini services have been reorganised to maximise environmental sustainability.

For example: at our headquarters in Peschiera Borromeo (Milan), we have installed a system of solar panels to produce electricity, and a waste water disposal system with bioactive sludge and no chemical solvents.

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