Our most valuable resource

The people who work for us are our most valuable resource and the best guarantee of continuous and constant quality that we offer our customers.
We choose them, we train them, we provide them with the best environmental and organisational working conditions, and we make sure that they grow within the Company, because if the people that make up Pellegrini are allowed to grow and develop, the Company grows also.

We attract talent

Pellegrini is the Italian leader in service provision and is known in the industry for its emphasis on training and internal employee relations.
Therefore, it attracts talent and specialists with various professional profiles in all of its areas of activity.

Safety in the workplace

We believe that safety in the workplace is an essential requirement. To achieve this, we organise our work carefully, we dedicate a lot of training hours to safety and we have launched a health surveillance programme.
In addition to being a pleasure, working at Pellegrini is also a source of peace of mind for our people and our customers.