We are the Pellegrini


Benefactor of the Italian Foundation for Food Education

Pellegrini has become a benefactor of FOOD EDUCATION ITALY – Italian Foundation for Food Education. The purpose of the Foundation is to promote and share proper nutrition education, both in Italy and abroad. To find out more, click here.

Pellegrini organises a pilgrimage to Lourdes

For over 20 years, the Pellegrini family has organised an annual pilgrimage to Lourdes with the participation of friends and members of the religious community. The pilgrimage usually takes place in February on the anniversary of the apparition of the Virgin Mary, however this year the date was changed to coincide with the anniversary of […]

Pellegrini celebrates 50 years in business

In 1965, Ernesto Pellegrini realised that industrial development would change the eating habits of Italians and initiated the development of catering within companies. Since then many things have changed, however the extraordinary commitment to innovation and the enthusiasm of Pellegrini’s more than 6,000 employees have remained unchanged, placing development at the core of the company’s […]

“Cavaliere del Lavoro” (Knight of Labour) Ernesto Pellegrini is awarded the “Grandi Guglie della Grande Milano”

On 29 April 2015, the CENTRO STUDI GRANDE MILANO awarded the “Grandi Guglie della Grande Milano” to Ernesto Pellegrini. This important award is given to a person or entity in different sectors in recognition of their outstanding contribution to enhance the economic, scientific, social and cultural fabric of the city of Milan. The “Grand Guglie” award: is given to a person or entity in different sectors who stand out for their efforts to enhance the e...

The weekly magazine ‘Affari & Finanza’ dedicates an article to the Pellegrini Electronic Meal Voucher

The weekly magazine ‘Affari & Panorama’ devoted extensive space to describe Pellegrini’s innovative service that allows customers to use the Electronic Meal Voucher Pellegrini Card at POS terminals currently used for banking transactions (debit/credit cards). The guarantee of maximum spendability is provided by the agreements that Pellegrini has signed with 5 major terminal operators (representing 90% of installed POS terminals); in addition to those a...

I POS bancari accettano i buoni pasto Pellegrini

I buoni pasto elettronici Pellegrini sono gli unici che funzionano sulla rete dei POS bancari. Infatti le carte utilizzate per il buono elettronico sono del tutto simili a quelle utilizzate per le transazioni bancarie, rendendo più semplice ed immediata al Cliente la loro gestione, anche nel caso di un approccio multifunzione.