We are the Pellegrini


Ernesto Pellegrini receives the “Socrates Prize” for meritocracy.

On 07.06.2017 at Unicredit Tower Hall in Milan, Cesare Lanza, a well-known press and television journalist, delivered our President the “Socrates Prize” for meritocracy. The Socrates Prize is inspired by a movement of opinion in support of merit, against resignation and all prejudices. Cesare Lanza recalled, in front of 200 guests, the professional past, human […]

Pellegrini joined Fondazione Sodalitas, the main organization for Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility in Italy

“The commitment towards social and environmental sustainability has always been a cornerstone in Pellegrini’s business strategy. Joining Fondazione Sodalitas was therefore a natural and essential decision for our company, in order to maintain its role as a driving force for change and as a benchmark for the whole industry”, said Ernesto Pellegrini, founder and Chairman […]

The commitment of Pellegrini to the well-being of animals

In accordance with its sustainable purchasing policy, in April 2017 Pellegrini started a program which will lead, in five years, to the complete replacement of eggs coming from battery hens with barn eggs, thus contributing to fight a system that seriously compromises the well-being of animals, completely at odds with the principles of environmental and […]