“CUCINA EVOLUTION BuonaDaVivere! IN FORMA SENZA DIETA” is the new book of Prof. Chiara Manzi

This book teaches you step by step how to cook, in an easy and fast way, the most greedy, good-to-die dishes to turn them into Good-to-Live recipes!
In other words Antiaging. How?

Increasing vitamins, fibers and antioxidants and drastically reducing fat, sugars and salt. Ingredients and the taste of tradition remain the same.

The recipes are signed by professional chefs and confectioners, graduated in Culinary Nutrition at Art joins Nutrition Academy, the European Academy of Culinary Nutrition, and a major contribution is also made by the Chef of Pellegrini!

For this reason, we are among the thanks, for the partnership that is now linked to Chiara Manzi for several years and for the values ​​that we share: make the difference in the field of health and nutrition.

Who is Chiara Manzi?

Nutritionist and founder of Art joins Nurition Academy, the European Academy of Culinary Nutrition and ANTIAGING COOKING where you are studying how to cook, match, and measure foods to turn the most delicious dishes into the elixir of longevity.
University professor at University of Milan Bicocca, medical school. Researcher at the University of Parma. President of the Association for Food Nutrition Safety, whose scientific committee is chaired by Starred Chef Massimo Bottura.
TG4 reference expert and frequent guest of television broadcasts.