10 Reasons

to choose Pellegrini

1. We are reliable over time

Since 1965 we achieved the same objective – to serve our customers, anticipate their needs and satisfy them – but always with a different approach. The general opinion is that we have learned to do what we do really well.

2. We invest in research, development and training

We have created the Pellegrini Academy, where everyday research and training cooperate to develop new technical and operational solutions, anticipating constantly changing customers needs.
Doing so, our employees are at the heart of innovative processes.
That's why our competitors envy us them.

3. We can give you the confirmation you seek

At any given time, dozens of satisfied customers can speak for us. Ask us for all the references you want: for us, they represent the most important confirmation because they come from the people that provide feedback on our reliability and our good name: our customers.

4. We are faithful and we attract loyal customers

We are one of the companies that can boast strong customer loyalty, indeed some of them have honoured us with their trust for more than forty years. This means that those who choose us tend to confirm this choice. What better vote of confidence than this?

5. We are close to you, where we can serve you in the way that you want

Pellegrini has a presence throughout Italy and is able to serve its customers wherever they are based. It is in a position to better manage everyday situations as well as emergencies, challenges and opportunities. In other words: we are where you want, when and how you want.

6. We have the best organisational structure for you

Our streamlined organisational structure is not an arbitrary choice. It stems from our clear entrepreneurial desire to make our contact with our customers as direct as possible, providing a rapid, effective response. Its simplicity offers you a guarantee of continuous communication with us.

7. We like certifications

We have collected numerous certifications of all kinds, and we are continuing to increase the number. It is a way to test us, and to meet the requirements of a market that demands excellence, and rightly so. However, the most important certification is always the satisfaction of our customers.

8. We have developed a code: Ethics

You really can rely on Pellegrini because, since 2002, all staff members are required to sign up to a Code of Ethics governing their conduct, which has become an important resource for promoting, among other things, good relations within the Company as well as between the Company and its customers and suppliers.

9. We are sustainable from every point of view

We put People at the centre of everything we do: our employees, customers and in general all those who come into contact with the Company and its activities. We have organised all of our processes to help minimise the impact on the environment. We promote and support charitable and solidarity initiatives. For us, this means Pellegrini Sustainability.

10. We are financially sound

Pellegrini’s financial statements have always shown a positive trend, and they are certified by leading independent auditors. This is another important reassurance we offer to our customers.