Bank POS accept Pellegrini electronic meal vouchers

Pellegrini electronic meal vouchers are the only vouchers that can be used on the bank POS network. The cards used for electronic vouchers are similar to those used for banking transactions, facilitating their use by the customer, including as part of multi-function approach.

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A global commitment

While it is true that we all have responsibility for the world around us, Pellegrini believes that companies should do more. In line with this belief, we have adopted a sustainable approach in all areas of our business,...

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10 Reasons

to choose Pellegrini
  1. We are reliable over time

    Since 1965 we achieved the same objective – to serve our customers, anticipate the...

  2. We invest in research, development and training

    We have created the Pellegrini Academy, where everyday research and training coope...

  3. We can give you the confirmation you seek

    At any given time, dozens of satisfied customers can speak for us. Ask us for all ...

  4. We are faithful and we attract loyal customers

    We are one of the companies that can boast strong customer loyalty, indeed some of...

  5. We are close to you, where we can serve you in the way that you want

    Pellegrini has a presence throughout Italy and is able to serve its customers wher...

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